Jervonne Thacker


Jervonne Michelle Thacker was born a native of Spartanburg, South Carolina. At a very young age she developed her acting and singing skills, she began singing at the young age of 5 in her local church. By the age of 13 she had perfected her vocals and was singing in pageants and talent shows. As an adult her talent grew and she became filled with the holy spirit and became an annointed psalmist. In 2004 she moved from her small town to the big city of Atlanta, Georgia to pursue her career and explore her dreams. She was sucessful in landing role after role. In 2009 she wrote her autobiography "Trapped Inside". In 2011 she wrote her first stge play "Shut Up and Eat The Apple. Today Jervonne continues to act, sing, write and direct. She is on her Journey to her destination filled with annointing, talent and ambition. follow her and watch her grow. 

Film/ Televison

Dexter Jackson             Sophia                               TP Network  

ATL. Homicide              Witness                             Jupiter Entertainment   

The Author                   Marylyn                             Filmaker Al G Sillah

Vigilante                        Undercover cop              Dena Rivera

Broken Promo             Abused woman               Keith Hayes

KeyWords                     Audience Member          Turner Broadcast  
Bill Cunningham          Self Portray                     The Cw TV network 
Divorce Court               Self Portray                     USA Network 
Jerry Springer               Self Portray                     NBC Network
Real women                  Delorez                           Comcast TV









Motivational Speaker


The Shepherds Salon                      Delorez                    I Am Jervonne Productions

Family Mess                                      Toni                          Chad Cooper

It's Not My Call                                  Michelle                   Erika Robinson

Power of God                                    Tremechia               Nia Imani            
Lord lay your hands                        Aunt Minnie             Brian Maine        

Sunday is on the way                       Barnabas                 New Beginnings   
Dream Girlz                                       Effie                          Lonnie James 

Shut Up and Eat the Apple             Delorez                     Jervonne Thacker   

Training & Workshops

Dreams Unlimited Inc. Modeling and Acting
Paul M Dorman High Drama Club

Spartanburg Little theatre